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Antioxidants skin care and Anti-ageing from Avora Skin Spa

Antioxidants Skin Care and Anti-Ageing.
Free Radicals really devastate skin cells. Combating them has become today one of the primary goals of anti-ageing care as oxidative stress leads to DNA changes, weakens the structure and density of the skin and damages the epidermal barrier.

Free radicals are released to the atmosphere, appear as a result of ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, and are also produced in cells, e.g. in mitochondria. These particles usually act as very aggressive oxidant that destroy various cutaneous and epidermal structure. Paradoxically, as a result of ageing and some skin condition, the efficiency of individual antioxidant system in the body decreases and the skin loses its ability to regenerate after damage.

Oxidative stress result in damages to biological membranes (lipid peroxidation) and the related destruction of epidermal cells, collagen degradation, decrease of density and loss of cutaneous supporting tissue, exacerbation of acne-related lesions , impairment of microcirculation and – consequently – accelerated ageing of the skin. Both direct UV radiation and the free radicals it generates damage element of the epidermal barrier. They degrade the substances contained in the intercellular cement of the ceratoid layer (unsaturated lipid) and decrease the activity of sebaceous glands.
For dry skin, this means worse water balance. Dermatologist observe increased water loss, skin dryness, susceptibility to irritation and sensitivity to environmental factors as well as accelerated formation of wrinkles.