Revolutionary discovery – rejuvenating Telomers

Cell longevity: the basis of younger appearance.Telomeric Dr Irena Eris Canada


After the age of 60 wrinkles are joined by other signs of passing time. Decreasing skin tone results in the change of the face contour which is no longer firm and clearly defined. The surface of the skin has a dull, coarse and uneven texture, and tends to be reddened or hyperpigmented.

These skin dysfunctions results from the decreased efficiency of cell physiology and lead to the formation of tissues built of “ageing” cells. The cells become senescent after fewer replications cycles as a result of cumulative DNA damage which can no longer be effectively repaired.

In order to extend cell life-span and ensure enhanced, healthy cell function, Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research developed an innovative active ingredient Telomeric™. It maintains telomeres ( the regions of DNA at the ends of chromosomes) in a good condition, which results in a faster rate of skin structure regeneration, and significantly delays fibroblast ageing.

Delicious Secrets & Mystic Shadows – new makeup look for Fall – Winter!

Mystical and delicious seduction secrets

from Babor Face Design Collection New Look Fall/Whinter !

While the look of Mystic Shadows focuses on stressed eyes, berry lips are the look Delicious Secrets in the foreground and put a delicate statement.

Babor Delicious Secrets New makeup collection Fall/Whinter 2013

The star of Mystic Shadows Makeup Looks is the Quattro eye shadow .

The Delicious Eye Shadow Collection consists of four silky, shimmering eye shadow shades , ranging from a dark to a light beige Bordeaux . In the first step, the eyelid is accented with darker burgundy tone. The light beige interior angle provides a highlight. Rounding out the eye makeup with the luxurious Sparkling eyeliner in caviar 02 at the upper and lower lashes . By multicolor glossy particles it leaves the eye look very expressive. Sweet restraint is reflected on the lips . The Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 18 toffee conjures Nude Lips in sugary wet look . Is rounded off the look with the fast-drying Ultra Performance Nail Colour 36 mocha , a dazzling coffee – brown with fine glitter particles .