See the world with beautiful EYES without wrinkles.

SEE the WORLD with Beautiful EYES! without wrinkles…

We perceive the world with our eyes. They also mirror our feelings, and reveal our personality. They sparkle and radiate our individual beauty. But they need not betray our age. anti-wrinkle hyaluronic treatment

From our mid-twenties onward, the first fine lines and wrinkles become visible. Signs of fatigue and tension are also quickly apparent. No wonder – because by nature the skin in the eye area is about four times thinner than the skin anywhere else on the face, and is therefore extremely delicate. There is no fatty tissue to form a cushion for the skin. There are few sebaceous glands, and there is little  supportive elastic tissue. And since the microcirculation is slower, the blood supply is not as good. The skin is thus more prone to fine lines and wrinkle, puffiness and rings under the eyes.

The skin in the eye area needs intensive, individual care that cannot be supplied by a regular face cream. Skin Care researchers have therefore developed a modern eye care range, which focuses effectively on these problems and is designed to meet all the needs of the delicate eye area.

Look problems in the eye!

New Metallic Glam Makeup Collection from Babor ( Germany)


For the winter make-up has developed Peter Schmidinger, International Makeup Director,Christmas make-up Coquitlam BABOR, two looks: “Metallic Blue Night” eyes shrouded in night blue ice, the look is “Femme Fatale” make the seductive lips of temptation.The Metallic Eye Shadow Collection makes every woman a queen of the night – even during the day. The trendy color Nightblue is the heart of the collection and is accompanied by the three metallic shades of beige, taupe metallic and metallic charcoal. “Dress spectacular” applies to the “Metallic Blue Night” look: Now exciting blue smokey eyes make-up. Set with beige a highlight under the brow and then in dark blue the eyelid to the crease. High Technology pigments create metallic effects as sexy as high heels, while the ultra-soft and super-long-lasting formula is so comfortable to wear flip flops as the favourite. The Super 03 style blue mascara eye makeup perfectly complemented. Particularly soft waxes and flexible polymers wrap around the lashes and create with repeated application of the LENGTHENING effect for extreme length – like a mini eyelash extension. With vitamin A and vitamin E, the mascara simultaneously provides for regeneration and protection of the eyelashes. The glamorous smokey eyes complemented the subtle pink shimmer lipstick UltraPerformance Lip Colour 30 Ice Rose.

New Make-up Collection Fall/Winter

Choose your Fall-Winter Look with new Make-up Collection from Germany!Fall/Winter make-up Look

Perfect as a Gift!


Strong colors dominate this fall / winter fashion – as the makeup may still turn out to be a little stronger. Just a pity that there are indeed many great looks, but these people either with cool or warm skin tone stand. Peter Schmidinger who already provides for a good year a breath of fresh air in decorative cosmetics for Babor is, again breaking new ground.  In the autumn / winter, there are two new looks from Babor: Teal is for gold to warm skin types with dark brown or black hair, Violet is perfect for cool skin types with blond-brown hair and nougat. 

Hyaluronic + Vita Balance – volumeric anti-wrinkle Facial

Hyaluronic + Vita Balance – volumeric anti-wrinkle Facial

Experts of Cosmetic Institutes of Dr Irena Eris, inspired by achievements of esthetic medicine, made up with a treatment that is both advanced and rejuvenating. It is called Hyaluronic – volumeric anti-wrinkle treatment. 
An advanced formula of cosmetic ingredients applied in the treatment effectively prevents from wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dryness of the skin which are the result of a lowering amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep skin layers and owing to that it gives intensive moisturizing and regeneration. The skin regains natural, young appearance. The treatment of smoothing wrinkles with hyaluronic acid is very effective and brings an immediate effect. The anti-wrinkle treatment can be a supplement of esthetic medicine treatments.


Owing to its hygroscopic properties, HYALURONIC ACID (an acid molecule sets even 250 times more water molecules than it weighs itself) moisturizes the skin deep and for a long time as well as restores its elasticity.