Delicious Secrets & Mystic Shadows – new makeup look for Fall – Winter!

Mystical and delicious seduction secrets

from Babor Face Design Collection New Look Fall/Whinter !

While the look of Mystic Shadows focuses on stressed eyes, berry lips are the look Delicious Secrets in the foreground and put a delicate statement.

Babor Delicious Secrets New makeup collection Fall/Whinter 2013

The star of Mystic Shadows Makeup Looks is the Quattro eye shadow .

The Delicious Eye Shadow Collection consists of four silky, shimmering eye shadow shades , ranging from a dark to a light beige Bordeaux . In the first step, the eyelid is accented with darker burgundy tone. The light beige interior angle provides a highlight. Rounding out the eye makeup with the luxurious Sparkling eyeliner in caviar 02 at the upper and lower lashes . By multicolor glossy particles it leaves the eye look very expressive. Sweet restraint is reflected on the lips . The Ultra Shine Lip Gloss 18 toffee conjures Nude Lips in sugary wet look . Is rounded off the look with the fast-drying Ultra Performance Nail Colour 36 mocha , a dazzling coffee – brown with fine glitter particles .

See the world with beautiful EYES without wrinkles.

SEE the WORLD with Beautiful EYES! without wrinkles…

We perceive the world with our eyes. They also mirror our feelings, and reveal our personality. They sparkle and radiate our individual beauty. But they need not betray our age. anti-wrinkle hyaluronic treatment

From our mid-twenties onward, the first fine lines and wrinkles become visible. Signs of fatigue and tension are also quickly apparent. No wonder – because by nature the skin in the eye area is about four times thinner than the skin anywhere else on the face, and is therefore extremely delicate. There is no fatty tissue to form a cushion for the skin. There are few sebaceous glands, and there is little  supportive elastic tissue. And since the microcirculation is slower, the blood supply is not as good. The skin is thus more prone to fine lines and wrinkle, puffiness and rings under the eyes.

The skin in the eye area needs intensive, individual care that cannot be supplied by a regular face cream. Skin Care researchers have therefore developed a modern eye care range, which focuses effectively on these problems and is designed to meet all the needs of the delicate eye area.

Look problems in the eye!

Non-surgical Face Lift at Avora Skin Spa

Non-surgical Face Lift at Avora Skin Spa

non-surgical face lift

By reproducing our body’s own biological currents, microcurrents re-establish neuro-muscular communication pathways, helping to lift sagging muscles and tighten facial contour. The impulse Microcurrents combine regular microcurrents with high frequency added pulses. The technology is based on the Nobel Prize-winning work of doctors Bert Sakmann and Erwin Neher, who in 1991 discovered how ion channels allow electrically charged particles to pass through human cellular membranes. By subtly modulating the current’s polarity to match the cellular frequency, we can open the ionic membrane of cells, which increases acceptance of the micro-currents and ensures better communication between cell nuclei and intercellular energy. A small pause between the negative state and positive state allows for skin cells to relax. That means better, faster results.

The Impulse Microcurrent Technique is a non-invasive and low intensity current methodology which:
•Reproduces the bodies own biological currents

•Lifts sagging muscles

•Tightens facial contours by stimulating muscle receptors

•Enables the rejuvenation of muscle tissue
How does it work?