Couperose and Rosacea treatment Facials at Avora Skin Spa

Couperose and Rosacea Treatments at Avora Skin Spa, Coquitlam

Redness NanoRelief Facial ( Rosacea treatment Facial, Couperose treatment Facial)

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Innovative nano technology to relieve delicate skin with capillary problems. A precise delivery of strengthening and constricting walls of blood vessels components reduce the existing redness and prevent developing on new ones. Small size of nano-carriers (millionths of a millimeter) enables the rapid and effective transport of active components where they are most needed – inside the skin.

A deep-penetrating “injection” of vitamins and new generation bio flavonoids helps dramatically reduce skin redness (up to 24%), strengthen the capillary walls, soothe irritations and restore moisture level ( up to 40%).

Results: the strengthening of the vascular walls and a decrease in the osmotic pressure prevents further capillary damage. A visible improvement in the color of the skin can be observed immediately after first treatment.

Couperose and rosacea treatment Vancouver

Needle-Free Mesotherapy & LED Anti-Redness & Couperose Photo Facial at Avora Skin Spa ( Coquitlam) involves deep regeneration and smoothing of the skin. It is an alternative to the classic mesotherapy. The treatment is made with the use of specific microcurrents to let active substances deep into the skin. It’s a revolutionary system that temporarily readjusts the structure of epidermal cells to create new channels (aquaporines) that let active products applied to the epidermis gradually penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. This process (electroporation) stimulates your skin to enable muscle toning, draining of liquids from intercellular space, and the production of new collagen and elastin. It is Needle Free mesotherapy at Avora Skin Spa (Coquitlam)!

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Redness? Couperose? Rosacea? Dilated Capillaries?

Rosacea? Redness? Couperose? Dilated Capillaries?

Skin with Dilated Capillaries, Couperose, Rosacea Treatment, Redness Relief at Avora Skin Spa Coquitlam

Have you noticed any red “spiders’ webs” on your face or excessively dilated blood vessels?
If yes, then your skin suffers from dilated capillaries or rosacea.

What are capillaries?

Rosacea Treatment CoquitlamThe walls of blood vessels are weak, so your skin becomes red easily and sensitive or hard to care for. The problem of visibly dilated blood vessels concerns women of various ages; most often, it is connected with inborn shallow skin vascularisation, hypersensitivity of the skin or hormonal changes. Additionally, wind, low temperatures, exposure to frequent temperature changes (e.g. entering heated rooms during winter) as well as overexposure to sun, using a sauna or solarium are conducive to the formation of “spiders’ webs”.
Capillary complexion is a common definition of facial skin, which is characterised by the tendency to transitory, and after some time a permanent redness of the skin, as well as often visible enlarged blood vessels (so called telangiectasia or rosacea). A high sensitivity of the skin to environmental factors is also characteristic (UV rays, wind, high temperatures, inadequate diet), as well as care problems (difficulties in choosing cosmetics).

Why do capillaries dilate?