Peel Away the Mysteries of Chemical Peels.

Peel Away the Mysteries of Acids.

By: Rhonda Allison

Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be expensive, and going under the knife is not the only way to capture that youthful appearance. As a matter of fact, skin peels provide an effective, less expensive and less invasive alternative.

Peels, when properly administered, are some of the most powerful nonsurgical skin improvements available. They remove cellular buildup, stimulate skin regeneration and reduce wrinkles, fine lines, large pores and oiliness. They also help clear blemishes, treat hyperpigmentation, and improve overall texture and tone.chemical peels

Acid peeling is more than just a science; it’s an art form. As such, learning an art evolves with understanding and experience. The journey, however, along with the results skin peels produce, tends to spark passion and enthusiasm in skin care professionals as they get deeper into the art of skin peeling.

The myths

Apprehension often surrounds peels, much of which stems from the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the process. Skin care professionals who render peels, or are planning to, should have an understanding of some of these misconceptions to be better equipped to talk with clients about them.
One common misunderstanding is that one treatment is all that’s needed. The truth is that

Revolutionary discovery – rejuvenating Telomers

Cell longevity: the basis of younger appearance.Telomeric Dr Irena Eris Canada


After the age of 60 wrinkles are joined by other signs of passing time. Decreasing skin tone results in the change of the face contour which is no longer firm and clearly defined. The surface of the skin has a dull, coarse and uneven texture, and tends to be reddened or hyperpigmented.

These skin dysfunctions results from the decreased efficiency of cell physiology and lead to the formation of tissues built of “ageing” cells. The cells become senescent after fewer replications cycles as a result of cumulative DNA damage which can no longer be effectively repaired.

In order to extend cell life-span and ensure enhanced, healthy cell function, Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research developed an innovative active ingredient Telomeric™. It maintains telomeres ( the regions of DNA at the ends of chromosomes) in a good condition, which results in a faster rate of skin structure regeneration, and significantly delays fibroblast ageing.

Brazilian Samba for your Skin from Beleza do Brasil

Beleza do Brasil – Vitality boost for your Skin.

The beauty of Brazilian women is legendary. It is almost as if they absorb the breathtaking beauty of the nature that surrounds them and convert it into an exotic, magnetic glow that exudes pure joie de vivre. It was this vivacity and beauty that inspired BABOR to create Beleza do Brasil, a body care range that encapsulates the vitality, freshness and energy of the Amazon. For a long time, the secret of the beauty of Brazilian women remained locked away in the rainforest. BABOR researchers embarked on a journey of discovery: they listened to the indigenous peoples, learned their treatment rituals and stumbled upon exceptional medicinal plants that do more than simply enhance beauty. The Amazonian Indians even attribute magical, beguiling powers to them.

The cumaru tree is the “medicine man” of the rainforest and has long been valued as a medicinal plant. Its seeds smell of vanilla and can be used to treat snakebites. They are even claimed to possess magical powers and to have a hypnotizing and erotic effect. It has been scientifically proved, however, that the seeds have a very high content of omega fatty acids, which are essential for the skin. The oil obtained from them supports the skin’s natural protective functions and makes skin strong and resilient.

Diagnosis – Dry Skin!

Diagnosis – Dry Skin.

dry skin careThe problem of dry skin affects an extraordinarily high number of people. It often appears at a certain age and follows a varying course with periods of more or less acute symptoms, but remains a dominating feature of the skin. Dry skin is generally bright and thin, is usually reddened due to the visibility of blood vessels, and is nearly always matt with closed, invisible pores. It has no shine and its surface is marked with mild flaking and fine cracks. Tangible and subjective features of dry skin include roughness, reduced flexibility, brittleness, tightness, burning, numbness, and occasional itchiness. Such skin lacks softness and quickly begins to show wrinkles, which form into a web of tiny lines on the face as the years go by. For people with normal skin, the first symptoms of permanent dryness usually appear around the age of thirty or even as early as twenty. It thus comes as no surprise that the vast majority of skin care cosmetics are designed for use with dry skin, and that the issue of maintaining proper moisture levels in the epidermis is one of the leading subject of research conducted at cosmetic laboratories.

Saving young skin.

Dry skin does not usually require pharmacological treatment (with the exception of symptoms of inflammation). However, proper skin care is very important, as it not only allows us to keep our skin in proper condition, but to prevent dry skin from becoming sensitive skin. When choosing cosmetics for washing and hydrating skin, make sure to pick ones that are especially mild, will not cause irritation, and will not damage the skin