New Generation RF Skin Tightening


Tighten, tone, lift and firm your skin without surgery available in Coquitlam! Imperium device uses bipolar or tri-polar radio frequency, sonophoresis for highly efficient, comfortable and completely safe skin tightening treatments. Radiofrequency waves emit a pleasant form of heat to stimulate the skin deep down and accelerate the production of collagen and elastin.Skin Tightening RF

Imperium uses radiofrequency to generate endogenous heat, which is uniform and intense, with different depths to produce the immediate contraction of collagen (lifting effect), followed by the remodeling and formation of new collagen. The skin is tighter and more oxygenated, also highlighting an evident reduction in wrinkles, eyebrow raising and the sensitive reduction of skin laxity. Hyaluronic Gel provides additional deep hydration. Only very few skin tightening treatments with Imperium, carried out periodically, can ensure stable and durable results in a long term, even up to two years.

RF-technology is based on the action of high-frequency electric field with the purpose to adequate warm up derma. The appearance of thermal effect activates, strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, which ensures the steadfast effect of skin rejuvenation. It improves the elasticity and reduces the length and depth of wrinkles. In contrast to other thermal procedures ( IPL, Laser) the epidermis and muscular tisse do not get hot. RF-skin tightening & lifting has immediate effect caused due to moderate dermal edema and controls thermo-reduction. The collagen fibers of the skin thus, stimulate compensating mechanisms including the proliferation of fibroblasts, an increase of the local blood supply (vasodilatation and hyperemia) and the accelerated production of neocollagen. RF-lifting gives good results by correcting the face, area around the eyes, neck. The skin tightening procedure is effective for the area of décolleté, hands, stomach, thighs (treatmentof stretch marks). It also reduces the effect of the “skin that hangs”, the flabbiness of skin. Most of all radio-frequency procedures are recommended to patients against the elasticity seen with loss and hardness of facial outline and neck. Skin tightening burnaby

Advantages of RF-skin tightening first of all are:


non- traumatic;

absence of anesthesia;

absence of complications and side effect;

complete compatibility with other procedures;

retention effect up to 2 years.

The procedure is performed once in 10-15 days so limits your time.

New Make-up Collection Fall/Winter

Choose your Fall-Winter Look with new Make-up Collection from Germany!Fall/Winter make-up Look

Perfect as a Gift!


Strong colors dominate this fall / winter fashion – as the makeup may still turn out to be a little stronger. Just a pity that there are indeed many great looks, but these people either with cool or warm skin tone stand. Peter Schmidinger who already provides for a good year a breath of fresh air in decorative cosmetics for Babor is, again breaking new ground.  In the autumn / winter, there are two new looks from Babor: Teal is for gold to warm skin types with dark brown or black hair, Violet is perfect for cool skin types with blond-brown hair and nougat. 

Hyaluronic + Vita Balance – volumeric anti-wrinkle Facial

Hyaluronic + Vita Balance – volumeric anti-wrinkle Facial

Experts of Cosmetic Institutes of Dr Irena Eris, inspired by achievements of esthetic medicine, made up with a treatment that is both advanced and rejuvenating. It is called Hyaluronic – volumeric anti-wrinkle treatment. 
An advanced formula of cosmetic ingredients applied in the treatment effectively prevents from wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dryness of the skin which are the result of a lowering amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep skin layers and owing to that it gives intensive moisturizing and regeneration. The skin regains natural, young appearance. The treatment of smoothing wrinkles with hyaluronic acid is very effective and brings an immediate effect. The anti-wrinkle treatment can be a supplement of esthetic medicine treatments.


Owing to its hygroscopic properties, HYALURONIC ACID (an acid molecule sets even 250 times more water molecules than it weighs itself) moisturizes the skin deep and for a long time as well as restores its elasticity.


DETOX LYMPHATIC MASSAGE helps to slim not only Your Waistline in Coquitlam!

DETOX LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE helps to Slim not only Your Waistline!

Lymphatic Massage to slim waistA Lymphatic Drainage Massage ( MLD) is an amazing technique that aids in weight loss and shrinking waist lines.
It has more benefits than just the waist slimming figures, such as reducing cellulite, aiding digestion, boosting immune function, and detoxifying your body through the lymphatic system.
Many women have found adding lymphatic drainage massage to their weight loss routines is an easy way to boost the amount of weight they lose and keep off. Lymphatic Drainage Massage also helps break through plateaus and assists the liver in detoxification.

How It Works?

The lymphatic massage is a full body technique that is done by specialized trained professionals (Registered Massage Therapist from Avora Skin Spa, Coquitlam)  and was first designed to make swelling in your extremities go down. The most common cause of swelling in the feet and lower legs is the strain of walking, running, pregnancy and compromised vascular/immune function. The reason this kind of massage is a great way to help with weight loss is because it improves your body’s circulation which stimulates the metabolism and helps facilitate the body’s ability to move toxins and waste products.